is there a recommended textwidth for documentation

Is there any consensus whether you use should a textwidth of 70 or 80 or any other value when writing text documents such as README, INSTALL, etc? Using 80 is pretty standard. I use it for code, READMEs, etc. However I do push it back to 65 or 70 for emails, just because if folks start quoting the email, extra layers of quote-markers start making things wider. -tim autofmt : text formatting plugin :set runtimepath+='~/.vim/autoload/autofmt/' :set formatexpr=autofmt#japanese#formatexpr()

2012-04-18 Â· wuan


mutt 用的久了,邮件也越来越多。虽然 Google Desktop 的索引和查找功能很不错,但是最后查看附件或者回复邮件的时候,依然离不开终端,离不开 mutt。 难道命令行终端里面就没有一款能够索引本地邮件的工具吗?有,而且还有不少: mairix is a program for indexing and searching email messages stored in maildir, MH or mbox folders. namazu is a full-text search engine intended for easy use. mu is a tool for dealing with e-mail messages stored in the Maildir-format....

2011-09-10 Â· wuan