I’m not sure which forum to post this, but I just wanted to share one of my stories with you guys . I had recently read a few articles on submersion cooling, where you take your computer and dump it into a tub of non-electrically-conductive oil. It seemed to work really well, and was cheap. So I saw it as a type of poor man’s water-cooling.

I bought a large aluminium oven tray and 9 litres of canola oil.

Since I didn’t really want to screw up my good computer, I tested it out on an old Pentium II 266 with Nvidia Riva TNT2 Ultra. I placed the motherboard in the tray, and began pouring canola oil all over it, until it was partially submerged.

And it worked. The computer booted into Windows 98 fine, and I even started up good old Quake 3 and started playing.

But I soon became hungry for a fried snack - and since I had used all the oil in the house I couldn’t fry myself anything. Then I had a brilliant idea. Why not use the oil that the computer’s in?

I placed an electric stove under the aluminum tray, and turned it to full blast. Soon, the oil reached frying temperature and I dumped a few chips into there. Meanwhile, the computer was still happily chugging along running Quake 3.

Eventually, though, the strain of 120 degrees C ambient temperature and the load of Quake 3 caused the computer to overheat and crash. I rebooted it, and it loaded back into windows. Although Quake 3 still crashed when trying to play. At that point, the chips were ready. I turned off the heat and enjoyed my snack while I waited for the oil to cool so I could use the computer again.

Mmmm… toxicated fries…